The surefire cure to boredom :)

Join in to share your thoughts about what's going on around you. who says you need a name to chat? timepass is all anonymous.

We created TimePass so you can be everywhere... well not literally, but digitally ;-) You can create a local group, listen in to what's going on around you, or peek into whats happening around the globe. So get your voice heard listen, laugh and join in the conversation!



Your personal voice signature

At NameDrop, we believe that no one should have to hear an unauthentic or a broken version of their name. So we made it easy for you to share your name with the world, in your own voice. Simply record your name as it's meant to be said and get your personal voice signature.



Share. Learn. Grow.

We're used to using reviews to plan so many things these days from Tripadvisor for travel, to Yelp for restaurants, and Glassdoor for salaries. But there's nothing to help a startup in the decision of who to approach, based on the experience and wisdom of the crowd. That's where FoundersTalk comes in!

Pssst... results, comments and thoughts are only shared anonymously.



Browse without a trail

Would you want someone stalking you around your home, grocery store, work, friend's house, local bar and anyhwere else you fancy going?

That's exactly what's happening right now on the web when you are casually sipping a cup of coffee or wine or just warm milk and surfing the web - someone is watching your steps - without your permission. We want to fix that.

We are not:
  • ad blocking tool
  • tracking or storing your data
  • a heavy appication that will slow down your browser

This is just the first step in helping free us from the unfettered access data brokers have to us and our data. We will come out with other ways of doing this.

Have a suggestion? Drop us a note at: doyouhavemypermission@gmail.com